Highlander Rigging Roundup

Welcome to Rigging Roundup Online, The Highlander Rigging Resource. This is a continuing series of articles and diagrams taken directly from the pages of "The Highlander" magazine intended to help you rig your Highlander for better speed, easier boathandling and safer sailing. All Rigging Roundup content is written and drawn by Mike Perakis, 1996 Highlander National Champion.

If there are any other rigging questions or suggestions for articles, please contact Bruce Busbey.

Date Title Summary
04/95 Topping Lift Rig a double-ended topping lift
07/95 Put More Bang in Your Vang Increase vang performance
10/95 Take the Wrinkles out of Your Outhaul Single and Double-ended outhauls
01/96 Take a Trip with the Traveler Update to the bridle traveller
04/96 Whip Your Jib into Shape Switch to inboard jib leads
10/96 Make Your Jib Jingle Make a double-ended jibcloth
01/97 Are You Bored with Your Centerboard? Pull up your centerboard efficiently
04/97 Quicken up Your Halyards Convert to wire-to-rope halyards
07/97 Tweak Your Trailer Switch to bunks from rollers
10/97 Tune the Tall Thing Tune your mast
01/98 Wrap Up Those Wrinkles, Crank Up the Cunningham Double-ended main cunningham
04/98 Get Rid of the Gasketosaurus Replace your centerboard gasket
01/99 Rangle that Rudder Keep your rudder from popping off
04/99 Beef up Your Butt! Make your mast stronger


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