Governor's Cup

Governor''s Cup

The Governor's Cup was resurrected at Eagle Creek back in 1994 by our old Highlander friend Bruce Cameron. It had been held at Lake Monroe in Southern Indiana and was an exclusive one design regatta.....until us Creekers got a hold of it. It is now a multi-class regatta and as with most our open regattas the largest fleet wins the GC travelling trophy. I am proud to say that the Highlanders have won this trophy more than any other any other fleet in the last twenty years they have been coming. We want you all to come to this regatta not for the great food, the consistent North/South winds, the great bands, the expert Race Committees or the relaxed atmosphere. We want you to come for the Highlander and to show everyone how much fun it is to compete on the best boat design Sandy Douglas ever made.  

Eagle Creek Sailing Club
8901 West 46th Street
Indianapolis , IN 46234
September 15 - 16, 2018

Contact for more info:
Kenny Chapman

NOR pdf Coming Soon

SI pdf Coming Soon

Note: Sailing Instructions provided in advance are subject to change and revision. Final printed version available at regatta registration.


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