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HCIA Training Inc is YOUR non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Per HCIA Training's "Initial Articles of Incorporation" document, this organization's official mission is ,"To promote safety in small boat handling and racing; to engage in the instruction of sailing principles, safe boating practices , and training of young people in the techniques of racing sailboats in local, regional and national amateur competition and to own boats for the purpose of fostering such training." While this is a lot of verbiage to decipher, the group's primary objective is to expose the awesome Highlander class activities to people, especially young people, who otherwise might not have an opportunity to experience the sport of sailboat racing. A secondary benefit of this group is that it gives people a tax-deductible avenue to donate money, boats, boat parts, rigging, sails, trailers, etc.

HCIA Training & DevelopmentTrustees

The Board of Trustees of HCIA Training Inc reports to the HCIA board, and 100% of the board members are Highlander sailors. Your chairman is Mike Shayeson, with sailors John Bauer, Bruce Busbey, Jamey Carey, Dick Doyne, and Ed Spengeman, rounding out the board. The organization was formed in 2008 and has already been successful in encouraging new sailors in several fleets to get on the water. The HCIA Training Board is hopeful that the recent new-boat construction activity will lead to a competitive used boat being made available on a seasonal grant basis. In anticipation of this, grant eligibility criteria are being developed.

HCIA Training & DevelopmentDonations

Donations of boats, sails, or other boat components will be kept within the individual fleets. Therefore, you may arrange your equipment donations directly to your local Fleet Captains. As a donor, you will receive an acknowledgment of your donation for tax purposes. So when you clean out your boat storage area, please contact your fleet Captains or any HCIA Training Board member to arrange for your donation. Of course cash donations are also accepted, and are needed to cover expenses. Our primary expense has been for the required liability insurance premiums. There are two easy ways to donate money, either send to the HCIA Executive Secretary-Treasurer when you pay your annual class dues, or send directly to HCIA Training Chairman Mike Shayeson at 7650 Cayuga Drive Cincinnati, Oh 45243 at anytime of the year. Please donate today as the benefits of your gift are multi-faceted. Of course you receive the immediate benefit associated with making a tax-deductible donation; but much more importantly you get to help play a part in guaranteeing the continued success of the Highlander Class via bringing in new members to experience the thrill of sailing in general, and the particular joy that can only be experienced by sailing a Highlander.

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