Highlander Features & Specifications

Highlander Down WindOutstanding Features

Take a look at the sail areas and weight ratio and you'll see why the Highlander truly is the the "original one-design sport boat." Add to that comfort, easy towing and you'll see why once a Highlander sailor, always a Highlander sailor.

  • Large sail area to weight ratio makes for fast racing
  • Large cockpit accommodates six full size crew
  • Deep cockpit helps children feel secure
  • High boom allows easy movement across boat
  • High free board provides a dry place to sit
  • Wide beam makes the boat stable

You would be hard pressed to find another dinghy racing sailboat where 30 year old boats can compete equally with brand new Highlanders. That says it all about the fantastic design and construction of the Highlander. Good racing and cruising boats are always for sale or contact Allen Boat Company if you're interested in a new Highlander..

Start Line Specifications

  • Length = 20 ft
  • Beam = 6.6 ft
  • Draft = 5.6 ft
  • Main = 2102
  • Jib = 65 ft2
  • Spinnaker = 300ft2
  • Minimum Weight = 830 lb
  • Ideal Crew Weight ≈ 500 lb
  • Sailing Weight ≈ 1400 lb
  • Trailering Weight ≈ 1600 lb

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