Mission, Vision and Values of HCIA

Highlander Nationals 2010

The Highlander Class International Association is dedicated to the growth and vitality of the Highlander one-design sailboat by:

The Mission of the Highlander Class International Association is to promote all aspects of Highlander sailing on inland lakes and coastal waters for racing, day sailing or cruising. Our goal is to transform Highlander sailing from a hobby to a multi-generational life-passtime by improving the sailing experience and providing opportunities for fun and excitement.

Highlander Nationals 2010 Family, Fun, Excitement

Highlander class sailors enjoy a vibrant, one design regatta circuit, excellent club racing and a very capable cruising dinghy. The Highlander Class Association exists to support all facets of Highlander sailing and provides the clubs and fleet captains with a variety of resources at a national level.

We draw on many years of one design experience and work hard to maintain the one design basis of the boat, whilst permitting progress and innovation. We value honesty, sportsmanship, our fine heritage and will give generously to help others into the class and make you delighted to have become part of the Highlander sailing familty.

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Board of Directors

HCIA Board of Directors are anxious to hear any comments or suggestions that can improve your experience as a Highlander sailor.

Tanner Shultz
Phone: 478-737-4776
Chris Hansen
Commodore & Nominating
Phone: 215-400-1719
Gary Vinicky
Vice President
Phone: 440-567-0428
Chris Chillemi
Chief Measurer
Phone: 216-476-2239
Keren Hutchinson
Phone: 704-661-6417
Erin Spengeman
Rick Myers
Phone: 440-871-9440
Gary Steinbach
Director (2019)
Phone: 330-477-9736
Rick Robertson
Director (2019)
Phone: 216-509-3229
David Bauer
Associate Director
Phone: 502-508-1124
Tom Allen
Highlander Builder (non voting)
Phone: 716-842-0800
Chris Kafsky
Nominating Committee (non-voting)
Phone: 706-499-6537